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From SEMA show 2016, find the trends of aftermarket car electronics


SEMA show 2016

    The SEMA Show is the premier automotive specialty products trade event in the world. It draws the industry’s brightest minds and hottest products to one place, the Las Vegas Convention Center. The United States is currently the world's innovation center, especially in the areas of electronics and networking. I have always thought that what happened today in the United States, tomorrow, many will repeat itself in Other countries. So by the United States largest car tuning show, we can find some trends for the domestic car electronics aftermarket.

SEMA show 2016

    The 2016 SEMA Show drew more than 60,000 domestic and international buyers. The displays are segmented into 12 sections, and a New Products Showcase featured nearly 2,500 newly introduced parts, tools and components.The following picture is the SEMA 2016 mobile electronics booth map.

Booth map of car electronics in SEMA show 2016

    Fewer and fewer exhibitors brands and booths.

By the survey and statistics of mobile electronics exhibitors in 2016 SEMA, we can find the following trends:

Automatic pilot technology in SEMA 2016

    Trend 1: Compressed market space for aftermarket car electronics. 

    There are 2 hotspot for car electronics, one is automatic pilot, another is electric vehicles. These two directions require the accumulation of technology and capital investment. These have exceeded the capacity of most aftermarket car electronics manufactory. The access threshold of these 2 direction are too high for car manufactories. Car manufactories are also in a difficult challenge and be forced to cooperate with internet companies to develop these technology together. For the most of aftermarket manufactories, the development space is

Hi-Fi audio tuning in SEMA show 2016

    Trend 2: The smooth and happy time for Hi-Fi audio tuning market.

    Last 10 years, lots of car video manufactories and brands growed up and go dead now. But those old audio tuning brands are still there.

interface tuning in SEMA show 2016

    Trend 3: Tuning way is from replacement head unit to interface upgrade. 

    More and more car models have screens as a factory standard.

    Trend 4: Car Safety (Recorder, Rearview Mirror, Radar, Camera, etc.) brands and manufactories are increasing.

     Kevin, my good friend ever told me: "Ten years ago, the television advertising of cars in United States showed power of car engine. Five years ago, the television advertising changed to show telematics in car, such as GM's ONSTAT and Ford's SYNC. By now, the television advertising are showing more safety of car.

    Trend 5: Brands of aftermarket are concentrated.

    With the changes of environment and market, more and more aftermarket brands and manufactories are combined together.

By Jackie, CTO of CATEC


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